Order Online

Order Online is available now. Customer may register a account, then add the product into the shopping cart, then check out.  It should be easy to use. In case if you have difficult to use the online shopping cart, please use the order offline descrived as below.  You also can email sales@medkoo.com


Order Offline

To place an order, please send us a copy of your purchase order, which must have the following information: purchase order number, or credit card information, detail shipping and billing addresses, MedKoo Cat#, name of product, product weight (mg, or gram), product quantity. International customers should use English in the PO. Shipping address should not more than 4 lines with each line not more than 30 characters. For order of multiple products, unless customer requests all products to be shipped together, MedKoo will first ship the in-stock products. Customer will pay one time shipping fee. Purchase order can be sent via:

  • (1) Email: sales@medkoo.com
  • (2) Fax: 919-980-4831.
  • (3) Phone: 919-636-5577
  • (4) Our products may be ordered through a third party at customer's choice. In this case, it would be slower and you may need pay additional handle fee to the third party.



Shipping cost and delivery time:
All products will be shipped through FedEx standard express shipping. Shipping/packing charges:

Shipping fee at ambient temperature

FedEx standard overnight (Non Haz, US): $35.00

FedEx standard overnight (Haz, US): $55.00

FedEx standard overnight (Non Haz, US): $35.00

FedEx standard overnight (Haz, US) $55.00

FedEx ground shipping (Non Haz US): $20.00

FedEx ground shipping (Haz US): $30.00

FedEx international first priority (Non Haz, Canada): $50.00

FedEx international first priority (Haz, Canada): $70.00

FedEx international first priority (Non Haz): $70.00

FedEx international first priority (Haz): $110.00


Low temperature shipping charge

Ice-pack shipping add $20.00 for each shipping

Dry ice shipping add $30.00 for each shipping


For international shipping, we will use FedEx international priority express shipping unless client requests to use others. Shipping cost will be prepaid by MedKoo, and added to the invoice. If using your FedEx account, we will not charge shipping cost.


After the package is scheduled to ship, we will inform client the tracking number through email. Most orders will be shipped out within a few hours after the official purchase order is received. If there is a delay for shipping, we will inform the client to confirm the shipping date. The estimated delivery times are usually 1-2 business days for domestic shipping (inside USA) and 3-5 days for international shipping. MedKoo cannot guarantee the time of delivery outside the US due to differences in carrier services and possible customs clearance delay.