MedKoo (doing business as MedKoo Biosciences) is a leading supplier of biochemical reagents, specializing in small molecule drugs for laboratory use. Our primary focus is distributing high-quality reagents that support research scientists across academic, biotechnology, biomedical, and pharmaceutical institutions. We strive to establish the most comprehensive global inventory of small molecule research drugs and are committed to deliver superior reagents at competitive prices.


As a chemistry-based small biotech business, MedKoo has a strong interest in making small molecule drugs discovered by other scientists available to the research community. We are dedicated to providing pure chemical reagents that are specifically designed for scientific research purposes. It is crucial to emphasize that MedKoo does not offer GMP, DMF, or ISO certified products, nor do we supply controlled substances. Additionally, MedKoo is not an FDA-approved manufacturer, meaning that our products cannot be utilized for clinical trials or disease treatment. Our primary focus is supporting and facilitating scientific research by offering high-quality reagents for laboratory investigations.


MedKoo was founded in 2009 by Dr. Qingqi Chen, an accomplished scientist with a Ph.D. in synthetic chemistry from Peking University. Dr. Chen further honed his expertise through postdoctoral training at Johannes-Kepler University Linz (under the guidance of Dr. Heinz Falk), University of Nevada Reno (working with Dr. David Lightner), and University of British Columbia (with Dr. David Dolphin). Prior to founding MedKoo, he held a distinguished professorship at the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Zhongshan University (Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, China). Additionally, Dr. Chen has held senior positions in various pharmaceutical companies in the USA, contributing to the research and development of several FDA-approved drugs. His expertise lies in new drug discovery, drug synthesis, and medicinal chemistry, as evidenced by his extensive publication record, patent applications, and authorship or co-authorship of 11 books related to drug discovery, synthesis, and patents. Dr. Chen currently serves as the President and CEO of MedKoo.


MedKoo has established strategic collaborations in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, where we work with partners to synthesize highly challenging bioactive molecules. Furthermore, we have a comprehensive and efficient supply network that enables us to offer biochemical products ranging from milligrams to kilograms at competitive prices. While we have partners and suppliers in China, we do not have a branch there. All orders, technical support, and customer services are handled by our USA headquarters. Orders are shipped from our company located in North Carolina. For a brief overview of our products, please click this link: About MedKoo products


The Name "MedKoo"

The name "MedKoo" is derived from the combination of two words: "Medicine" and "Koo." The pronunciation of "Koo" is similar to the Chinese word "库," which means a large stockroom or inventory. Thus, MedKoo signifies a vast stock of medicines, reflecting our commitment to maintaining a comprehensive inventory of pharmaceuticals.