MedKoo offers a comprehensive portfolio of highly specific bioconjugates to diagnostic and medical imaging companies. Relying on our state-of-the art synthesis facility and scientists with extensive experience in chemical biology and synthetic chemistry, we have delivered to our clients many nucleic acid or protein based detection reagents. From project scope analysis and problem solving proposal, complex biopolymer production, and assay development, we strive with competence and confidence to meet your demand for creating novel conjugates that can be quickly and cost-effectively added to your value chain. MedKoo is your reliable partner in diagnostic discovery.



  • • Design and development of conjugate strategy
  • • Proof of concept through pilot run
  • • Development of purification and analytical method
  • • Assay validation
  • • Scale up production
  • • Technology Transfer



Service Portfolios:



  • • Peptide-macrocyclic metal conjugates
  • • Peptide-nitrocellulose immobilization
  • • Antibody-luminex bead conjugates
  • • Oligonucleotide-luminex bead conjugates
  • • Oligonucleotide-agarose conjugates
  • • Enzyme-based bioconjugates
  • • Epitope-based detection
  • • Microsphere and nanosphere conjugates
  • • Redox-active probes