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MedKoo CAT#: 535292

CAS#: 501-68-8

Description: Beclamide is a bioactive chemical.

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Beclamide is not in stock, may be available through custom synthesis. For cost-effective reason, minimum 1 gram order is requested. The product will be characterized by NMR, HPLC and MS analysis. Purity (HPLC) is usually >98%. CoA, QC data, SDS will be provided when product is successfully made. The estimated lead time is 2-3 months. Please send email to to inquire quote.

Chemical Structure


Theoretical Analysis

MedKoo Cat#: 535292
Name: Beclamide
CAS#: 501-68-8
Chemical Formula: C10H12ClNO
Exact Mass: 197.0607
Molecular Weight: 197.662
Elemental Analysis: C, 60.77; H, 6.12; Cl, 17.93; N, 7.09; O, 8.09

Synonym: Beclamide

IUPAC/Chemical Name: N-Benzyl-3-chloropropionamide


InChi Code: InChI=1S/C10H12ClNO/c11-7-6-10(13)12-8-9-4-2-1-3-5-9/h1-5H,6-8H2,(H,12,13)


Technical Data

Solid powder

>98% (or refer to the Certificate of Analysis)

Shipping Condition:
Shipped under ambient temperature as non-hazardous chemical. This product is stable enough for a few weeks during ordinary shipping and time spent in Customs.

Storage Condition:
Dry, dark and at 0 - 4 C for short term (days to weeks) or -20 C for long term (months to years).

Soluble in DMSO

Shelf Life:
>3 years if stored properly

Drug Formulation:
This drug may be formulated in DMSO

Stock Solution Storage:
0 - 4 C for short term (days to weeks), or -20 C for long term (months).

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